Animal Attacks and Dog Bites

Animal Attack Attorneys in Baltimore, Howard County and throughout Maryland

When an animal owned by another person causes injury to you, it is important that you have an attorney that understands what it takes to successfully recover compensation from the animal’s owner. To protect your rights after you’ve been injured by another’s animal, it is necessary to conduct an investigation to determine who owns the animal, who owns the property it came from, whether the animal has been vicious in the past, and whether the party responsible for the animal has insurance. It may also be necessary to attend and give testimony at a hearing held by an animal control agency. The attorneys at Plaxen & Adler are experienced in conducting these types of investigations to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve from the owner of an animal that has caused injury to you. The law in Maryland regarding people injured by another’s dog has also recently changed.

If you’ve been injured by a dog, you need an attorney who understands how the law has changed and what needs to be done to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact the experienced Maryland animal attack attorneys of Plaxen & Adler at 410.988.4449 or contact us online.