Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip & Fall Injury Attorneys in Baltimore, Howard County and throughout Maryland

When a property owner fails to clean up spilled liquid or has otherwise allowed their floor to become slippery, it can cause serious injury. Stores and businesses owe you a high standard of care to keep their floors safe, and may be responsible if you’ve been injured because their floor is in an unsafe condition. Even with this high standard of care, in Maryland it must be proven that the property owner was aware of the condition of the floor and did not adequately protect property users from the dangerous condition. If you’ve been injured by a property owner’s failure to keep their floors safe, you need an attorney that understands how to prove the property owner was negligent in allowing the floor to become slippery. The attorneys of Plaxen & Adler have an impressive history of winning slip and fall cases, including winning the largest slip and fall verdict in Howard County history.

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