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Feb 6, 2016

Anesthesia Errors Are a Form of Medical Malpractice

By |Feb 6, 2016|Anesthesia Errors, Medical Malpractice|0 Comments

When you undergo a surgical procedure, you should be given some kind of anesthesia. A minor procedure, such as having a mole removed, usually means a local anesthetic. More complicated procedures – heart surgery, tumor removals, even some forms of dental work – will require general anesthesia, where you are asleep during the process. […]

Feb 4, 2016

Zika Virus “Spreading Explosively” According to World Health Organization

By |Feb 4, 2016|Birth Injuries, News, Safety|0 Comments

The Zika virus might prove to be this year’s Ebola, as it spreads rapidly across Brazil and through the Americas: there is no cure, and it has affected millions of people. According to a New York Times report, Zika has been reported in more than 20 countries since last spring. It is transmitted through […]

Feb 2, 2016

Your Health Records Are Not as Protected as You Think

By |Feb 2, 2016|Medical Malpractice, Safety|0 Comments

When we talk about “medical malpractice,” we usually mean an act of negligence or wrongdoing that caused a patient harm in some way. Harm, however, takes many forms – and those forms are not always physical. Writers at ProPublica, whose tagline reads “Journalism in the Public Interest,” spent much of 2015 looking into violations […]

Jan 30, 2016

Congratulations, Bruce Plaxen, on Your Super Lawyers Award!

By |Jan 30, 2016|News, Our Firm|0 Comments

Plaxen & Adler, P.A. is proud to announce that Bruce Plaxen has been selected to Super Lawyers for 2016 in the area of Personal Injury – Plaintiff. This is Bruce Plaxen’s 10th consecutive year being named to the list.

The Super Lawyers list of top attorneys is one of the most respected outlets consumer can […]

Jan 28, 2016

Plaxen & Adler, P.A. Welcomes Joshua A. Plaxen to the Firm!

By |Jan 28, 2016|News, Our Firm|0 Comments

Plaxen & Adler, P.A. is pleased to announce that Joshua A. Plaxen has joined the firm as an Associate Attorney. Joshua will handle personal injury, worker’s compensation and Social Security Disability claims.

Previously, Joshua served as a judicial law clerk in the Circuit Court of Howard County, to the Honorable William V. Tucker. After his […]

Jan 26, 2016

Is Distracted Driving Really as Big of a Problem as “They” Say?

By |Jan 26, 2016|Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Safety|0 Comments

For the last few years, both State and Federal statutes have changed regarding “distracted” driving. Their primary focus has been cell-phone use (texting in particular), though there are far more causes than using one’s phone. Still, around the country a number of skeptics have questioned whether or not distracted driving and hand-held phone and […]

Jan 23, 2016

Can a New Tool for Logging Hours on the Road Prevent Truck Accidents in Maryland?

By |Jan 23, 2016|Auto Accidents, News, Safety, Truck Accidents|0 Comments

Commercial truck accidents can be devastating. The sheer size of the trucks means extra force will be applied to a car in a collision, which can lead to serious injuries on behalf of passenger vehicle drivers. One of the primary reasons for commercial truck accidents is driver error – specifically, driver fatigue. It is […]

Jan 18, 2016

Even Amazon Wants You to Get Rid of Your Hoverboard

By |Jan 18, 2016|News, Products Liability, Safety|0 Comments

This year’s hottest holiday toy was a scooter of sorts: the “hoverboard.” Parents lined up in stores and placed orders online for weeks in order to get them for their children. Since then, bizarre stories have come in from around the country about the scooters – namely, that they seem to catch fire and […]

Jan 15, 2016

Transvaginal Mesh Reclassified by FDA as a “High Risk” Medical Device

By |Jan 15, 2016|News, Products Liability, Safety|0 Comments

We have known about the serious dangers associated with transvaginal mesh for a long time. We have discussed it time and time again. As with any defective product, some women who had procedures which used TVM were not affected; others suffered needlessly. The Food and Drug Administration’s decision to reclassify transvaginal mesh from a […]

Jan 13, 2016

Fiery Car Crash at Bright Center West Mall Leaves Three Firefighters Injured

By |Jan 13, 2016|Auto Accidents, News, Personal Injury, Safety|0 Comments

On January 6th, a drunk driver crashed his car into a strip mall in Owings. That collision led to a fire, which led to the injuries of three firefighters. WUSA 9 reports that the injuries were minor, though one of the firefighters did visit the hospital. Thankfully, the building the driver hit was empty, […]

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