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Jan 12, 2015

Court Secrecy Costs Human Lives

By |Jan 12, 2015|Liability, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Safety|0 Comments

Recently we discussed a USA Today editorial about the courts protecting large companies and corporations through the use of sealed documents. In that post, we talked about the Remington rifle defect which led to the death of boy named Gus Barber. New information has come to light via Public Justice regarding Chrysler’s Totally Integrated […]

Jan 9, 2015

HealthExtras Cancelling Policies amid Mounting Litigation

By |Jan 9, 2015|Class Action Lawsuits, News, Safety|0 Comments

HealthExtras, based in Rockville, Maryland has begun cancelling disability insurance policies as claims against them mount. Policy holders recently began receiving cancellation notices that do not explain the reason for the cancellation other than to say: “We are writing to notify you that the respective insurance coverages in the Program underwritten by [the underwriting […]

Jan 8, 2015

What is a Negligence Case?

By |Jan 8, 2015|Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury|0 Comments

Negligence is a commonly used term that has different meanings depending on the context. A person could say they were negligent if they forgot to do something, as in “I was negligent in not calling you back.” A claim against another person or company for negligence, however, is not quite as simple. To have […]

Dec 31, 2014

When the Courts Keep Secrets from the Public, the Results Can Be Deadly

By |Dec 31, 2014|Medical Malpractice, News, Safety, Wrongful Death|0 Comments

In 2000, a nine year old boy named Gus Barber was killed on a family hunting trip. No one was playing with the guns. Young Gus wasn’t handling a gun. No one, in fact, did anything out of the ordinary. But when Gus’s mother Barbara removed the safety from her Remington 700 Model rifle, […]

Dec 26, 2014

Baltimore Sixth in Country for Dog Attacks on Postal Carriers

By |Dec 26, 2014|Dog Bites and Animal Attacks, News, Personal Injury|0 Comments

Television, movies and advertisers have been making the joke about dogs chasing after mail carriers forever. But what may seem like a harmless joke is a very serious matter. According to the Centers for Disease Control:

Around 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year
20% of all dog bites warrant serious medical attention
Of that […]

Dec 18, 2014

Protecting Your Children from Injuries this Holiday Season

By |Dec 18, 2014|News, Our Firm, Personal Injury, Safety|0 Comments

Chances are you are finishing up your shopping for food and gifts, and looking forward to a festive holiday season. We want your children to avoid an injury this year, and to have the best holidays they can. We offer you this list of tips to protect your children during the holidays.

Check the toy […]

Dec 16, 2014

Tragic Drunk Driving-Related Car Crash in Davidsonville, MD

By |Dec 16, 2014|Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Safety, Wrongful Death|0 Comments

Last night, a 22 year old named Nicholas Anthony Cassidy and a 60 year old woman named Marie Elaine Higgs died in a tragic car accident in Davidsonville. According to the Baltimore Sun, it appears that Mr. Cassidy’s car hit Mrs. Higgs’ car when he crossed over the center line. Mrs. Higgs passed away […]

Dec 15, 2014

Man in Stolen Ambulance Results in the Death of One Victim in Greenbelt, MD

By |Dec 15, 2014|Auto Accidents, News, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death|0 Comments

A tragic accident on Sunday, December 14, 2014 led to the death of an innocent man in Greenbelt, MD. Sebastian Kellinger Isaksen of Silver Spring is suspected of stealing an ambulance from the Branchville Volunteer Fire Department in the early evening. According to, Isaksten attacked a two-man ambulance crew or volunteer firefighters who […]

Dec 10, 2014

Unspeakable Loss of Life after Plane Crash in Montgomery County Maryland

By |Dec 10, 2014|Personal Injury, Wrongful Death|0 Comments

At approximately 11:00am on December 8, 2014, a family in Gaithersburg, MD was irreparably changed when a small plane crashed into their home, tragically killing Marie Gemmell (36) and her sons Cole (3) and Devon (6 weeks). Pilot Michael Rosenberg and two medical researchers from the company Health Decisions also lost their lives in […]

Dec 4, 2014

University of Maryland Finds Link between Spinal Cord Injuries and Brain Damage

By |Dec 4, 2014|Back Injuries, Brain Injuries, Personal Injury|0 Comments

The University of Maryland School of Medicine is researching the effects of spinal cord injuries on the brain. Their studies have been published in the Journal of Neuroscience and in Cell Cycle, and have founds that spinal cord injuries “can cause widespread and sustained brain inflammation that leads to progressive loss of nerve cells, […]

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