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Sep 1, 2015

Taneska Jones Named Recipient of 2015 Plaxen & Adler Scholarship

By |Sep 1, 2015|Our Firm|0 Comments

Plaxen & Adler, P.A. is proud to introduce Taneska Jones, winner of our 2015 Plaxen & Adler Scholarship. Ms. Jones is currently attending the University of Houston Law Center, and plans to graduate in the Spring of 2017. We flew Ms. Jones to our Columbia office to award her $2500 to help her pursue […]

Aug 29, 2015

New Research by Mayo Clinic Names Human Error as Main Cause of Surgical Mistakes

By |Aug 29, 2015|Medical Malpractice, Safety|0 Comments

Surgery is risky business: even with thorough planning and preparation, a surgeon can accidentally nick an artery, or a patient can take a turn for the worse unexpectedly during a procedure. But certain errors – wrong-site amputations, for example, or leaving surgical tools inside a body – have no excuse. In the medical field, […]

Aug 27, 2015

Non-Disclosure Statements in Medical Malpractice Cases Keep You from Knowing the Truth

By |Aug 27, 2015|Medical Malpractice, Safety|0 Comments

Non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, are legal documents designed to keep secrets. Most of the time NDAs are helpful tools for businesses; after all, you would not want your competitors knowing how you make your products, right? But what about your healthcare: should doctors and hospitals who settle malpractice cases be allowed to keep that […]

Aug 25, 2015

Drug Manufacturer Mylan Recalls Dangerous Batches of Cancer Drugs

By |Aug 25, 2015|News, Products Liability|0 Comments

The drug manufacturer Mylan started voluntarily recalling batches, or lots, of their cancer drugs in April of 2015. As of June 8th, more lots of their sterile injectable drugs have been recalled because particulates may be present in the drugs themselves. The current count of the recall stands at:

12 lots of gemcitabine
1 lot of […]

Aug 22, 2015

A Brighter Future for a Young Boy from Owings Mills

By |Aug 22, 2015|News|0 Comments

Imagine if you developed an infection so terrible that you were forced to have your hands and feet amputated in order to save your life. How much different would your life be if you could not open a door, hold a fork or ride a bicycle with friends? Eight year old Zion Harvey has […]

Aug 19, 2015

New Study Warns of Dangers of Reflective Signs

By |Aug 19, 2015|Auto Accidents, News, Safety|0 Comments

You may have noticed while you are driving at night that some signs along the roadway seem oddly bright. You are not imagining things; signs for rest stops and exit ramps, along with street signs and traffic signs, are created to reflect light at night, making them more visible to drivers. But are they […]

Aug 17, 2015

New Study Links Paxil and Prozac to Increased Risk of Birth Defects

By |Aug 17, 2015|Birth Injuries, Liability, News, Products Liability, Safety|0 Comments

A new study published in the British Medical Journal points to a link between pregnant women who take certain anti-depressants and an increased risk of their children developing serious birth defects. As reported by Reuters, researchers surveyed more than 28,000 women to see if they took “Celexa, Lexapro, Prozac, Paxil or Zoloft any time […]

Aug 14, 2015

Bus Crash in Baltimore May be a Result of the Weather

By |Aug 14, 2015|Auto Accidents, News, Personal Injury|0 Comments

On Wednesday, July 29th, a Maryland Transit Administration bus crashed into an empty building in West Baltimore, destroying the building but doing no harm to the driver or any other pedestrians nearby. According to WBAL 11, the bus was empty at the time, and the driver swerved to avoid hitting something in the road. […]

Aug 12, 2015

Deadly Car Accident in Dundalk Leaves Two in Critical Condition

By |Aug 12, 2015|Auto Accidents, News, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death|0 Comments

Tragedy struck the lives of four families on Thursday, August 6, 2015 when a collision at the intersection of North Point Boulevard and Baltimore Street resulted in the death of two young women and the serious injury of two young men. All four people were stopped at a red light, waiting for it to […]

Aug 10, 2015

Farid Fata Redefines the Scope of Medical Malpractice with False Cancer Diagnoses

By |Aug 10, 2015|Medical Malpractice, Misdiagnosis|0 Comments

The story is almost unbelievable: Farid Fata, a Michigan doctor who ran clinics throughout Detroit, was sentenced to 45 years in federal prison and restitution fines of $17.6 million after admitting he had falsely prescribed chemotherapy to his patients so he could bill them and their insurance companies. Fata did not simply prescribe chemo; […]

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