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Oct 27, 2014

Your Vote is Your Voice

By |Oct 27, 2014|Medical Malpractice, New Laws, Safety, Uncategorized|0 Comments

We have discussed tort reform before, and about how damage caps on personal injury lawsuits only hurt the victims. But a recent article in The Daily Beast about Thom Tillis caught our eye and reminded us just why voting is so important.

In a nutshell, Tillis is running for Senator in N.C. During his time […]

Oct 24, 2014

A Number of Laws Changed in Maryland This Month

By |Oct 24, 2014|Auto Accidents, Distracted Driving, New Laws, Personal Injury, Safety|0 Comments

October is an important month in Maryland. A number of different laws (affecting everything from illegal dumping to domestic violence to transgender rights) went into effect on October 1st, and two of them are related to accidents and injury:

Cell phone use that contributes to serious accidents. Prior to October 1, 2014, a driver who […]

Oct 23, 2014

Taking Steps to End Breast Cancer

By |Oct 23, 2014|Safety|0 Comments

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of our goal to help eradicate breast cancer, we offer some information, as well as some support services available in Maryland, to help survivors and their families learn more about the disease and what they can do to begin their recovery. Breast cancer is personal to […]

Oct 23, 2014

It’s Time to Stand Up for the Rights of Victims

By |Oct 23, 2014|Safety|0 Comments

The video of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancée (now wife) in an elevator made national headlines, and a number of high-profile cases have since come to light. Domestic violence is an epidemic, but the Rice video has increased awareness of this problem. Domestic violence does not know age, class or race.

October is National […]

Oct 2, 2014

New Potential Police Sensor Guns Can Detect if You’re Texting

By |Oct 2, 2014|Auto Accidents, Distracted Driving, Personal Injury, Safety|0 Comments

Maryland does not permit drivers to use hand-held cell phones while driving– not for telephone use, and not for texting. The truth is that many drivers continue to text under the assumption that the police won’t be able to see them.

This may be about to change. ComSonics, a Virginia-based tech company that specializes in […]

Sep 29, 2014 Recognized for Amazing Work to Protect Innocent Lives

By |Sep 29, 2014|Auto Accidents, Distracted Driving, Safety|0 Comments

If you haven’t heard of – End Distracted Driving – you should have; it’s an incredible program doing incredible work to put an end to injuries and needless deaths because of distracted driving. The program is the work of Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson, whose 21 year old daughter Casey was killed by […]

Sep 26, 2014

Springbrook High Football Players Suffer from Serious Burn Injuries

By |Sep 26, 2014|Burn Injuries, Personal Injury, Safety|0 Comments

A number of football players at Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, MD have suffered first- and second-degree burns because their coaching staff didn’t read a warning label. The negligence of the staff has led to at least one player being hospitalized for his injuries, and has incurred the ire of parents whose children […]

Sep 26, 2014

The Only “Extra” from HealthExtras Is Their Deception

By |Sep 26, 2014|Class Action Lawsuits|0 Comments

There are a number of companies out there which advertise low-cost catastrophic disability insurance. The premise behind these companies is that you pay a small fee per month or year, almost always on a credit card, and you’re covered for a million dollars’ worth of accidental disability insurance. These companies are underwritten by larger […]

Sep 18, 2014

Hospital Transparency is Necessary for Patient Safety

By |Sep 18, 2014|Medical Malpractice, Safety|0 Comments

In August of 2014, USA Today reported that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) would stop releasing information regarding certain life-threatening errors made by hospitals. The CMS had previously stated it would do no such thing – but lo and behold, it started plans to withhold the information.

But federal regulators have changed […]

Sep 9, 2014

Why Ray Rice’s Suspension Can Lead to Some Good

By |Sep 9, 2014|Safety|0 Comments

Whether promoting motor vehicle safety, patient safety, the end of preventable medical errors, or safer products to the public, Plaxen & Adler, P.A. believes in keeping families safe. That includes our mothers, sisters and daughters. Safety starts at home and domestic violence is intolerable.

Ray Rice’s inexcusable actions, however, are getting the word out about […]

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