truck accident in MarylandIn a truck accident earlier this year, officials pointed to the failure of the truck driver to control his speed. The crash, unfortunately, took the lives of two individuals. In addition to speed, indications also pointed to the possibility of improperly loaded cargo as a contributing cause of the accident.

According to a news report from SoMDNews, the crash took place while three passenger cars were waiting in line for the lead vehicle to make a left turn. At that time, a fully loaded truck with gravel was heading toward this line of stationary vehicles. The truck driver was unable to slow down and stop in time to avoid the collision. In his attempt to avoid the collision, he tried to maneuver around the backed up traffic and in so doing, hit one car from behind, which initiated a chain reaction of successive collisions. The driver and passenger of the first vehicle struck by the truck were the lone fatalities in the incident.

This incident emphasizes the danger of unsafe truck speeds combined with a heavy or unbalanced truck load, both of which can lead to deadly outcomes in the state of Maryland.

Certain truck cargo reduces load safety

Certain types of cargo are difficult to secure within a truck’s trailer while still maintaining adequate balance of the trailer and truck during the course of its journey over varying road conditions, including bends in the road.

Various types of loads cannot be constrained within the restrictions of a container hauled by the trailer of the truck. For instance, items such as wood, construction equipment, and various oversized items, including passenger cars, are difficult to safely secure. Even when they are loaded properly, they can become unsteady as the truck moves and turns. Movable cargo, such as liquid cargo is also of particular concern, especially when the cargo only partially fills the container – this can create unbalanced situations due to the movement of the material.

Load placement and truck crashes

With imbalanced, oversized, or irregularly loaded cargo, a truck driver must carefully take notice of the position of the cargo and how that position and its movement is influencing the operation of the vehicle. Cargo in certain positions can create dangerous weight shifting that may lead to a truck accident. Truck operators need to check cargo after other workers have loaded it onto the trailer. They must also conduct inspections of the cargo as necessary until it is delivered to its destination.

If the driver does not properly make adjustments involving scaling back traffic maneuvers and reducing speed, the potential for deadly results can occur. Simply driving with caution and avoiding risky maneuvers can reduce the dangers significantly.

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