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Maryland Affordable Prescription Drugs and HealthcareThe healthcare system in Maryland has been provided another opportunity for improvement. Two separate pieces of landmark legislation have arrived on the desk of Governor Hogan for his consideration.

New Prescription Drug Affordability Board

The outlandish costs of prescription drugs for Maryland residents is addressed by this first bill. It is designed to draw down the costs of some of the most expensive prescription drugs on the market. The bill creates a Prescription Drug Affordability Board – the first of its kind in the nation – which will be charged to review drug costs in Maryland and establish affordable and fair maximum prices for specific drugs.

An increasing share of state and local spending is now eaten up by the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs for employees. The Board, by reducing costs on some of the most expensive drugs, will make more tax funding available to pay for top state priorities, including education. The Board will make careful evaluations of drug costs throughout Maryland and issue recommendations to legislators about how to increase prescription drug affordability overall.

Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program

The second bill, the Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program, creates a new way for Maryland residents to enroll for affordable health coverage at tax time. The process begins by allowing the individual to check a box on his or her state tax return.

By doing so, the consumer allows his or her information on the tax form to be sent directly to Maryland’s health insurance exchange. Automatic Medicaid enrollment will occur for tax filers who qualify. For those who do not qualify for Medicaid, the state will provide information about potential insurance plans that may work well for the filer and his or her family. This information will include any subsidies that can increase the affordability of insurance premiums. The bill is designed to eliminate red tape that slows down the process of accessing affordable health coverage options for busy residents.

The bipartisan bills supported by hundreds of other organizations in the state are intended to address real problems and concerns related to paying for medications and health care coverage faced by Maryland residents on a daily basis.

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