Unsafe Lane Departure Truck AccidentMost passenger vehicles these days come equipped with lane departure technology, but not all commercial trucks do. This means it is imperative that truckers be alert to traffic around them when they want to move into a different lane or enter or exit a ramp.

Truckers need to be aware of their surroundings and know what is going on around his or her rig. Moving to another lane safely takes a considerable distance to pull off safely in a big rig. He or she must also look ahead to make sure sufficient room is available to pull off the maneuver.

Failure to be aware of blind spots is a significant cause of lane departure truck accidents. Those blind spots are:

  • Behind the trailer. Semi-trucks do not have rear view mirrors. Truckers in these rigs cannot see vehicles approaching from behind unless they see them in their side mirrors. If the driver of a passenger vehicle behind a big rig cannot see the rig’s side mirrors, then the truck driver cannot see the driver. The area less than 200 feet behind a big rig may be considered a blind spot.
  • On either side of the trailer. Blind spots on the right side of a truck are particularly dangerous. These blind spots often run the complete length of the trailer and can be as wide as three lanes. This makes passing on the right a more challenging maneuver for a trucker. Truckers need to be aware of this area and take precautions appropriately in terms of speed, right-turns, and moving into the right lane.
  • Directly in front of the truck’s cab. Since the cabin of a semi-truck is elevated quite high off the ground, the area directly in front of the cab is of particular concern. Small vehicles immediately in front of an 18-wheeler may be invisible to the truck driver. Bad weather can also create blind spots and result in an accident during the lane change maneuver of a big rig.

Legal liability of truckers in lane change accidents

Drivers are to receive special training and licensing to drive a semi-truck, which includes training about how to handle blind spots and how and when to safely perform lane change maneuvers. Some drivers may operate the rig in a careless manner or take unnecessary chances that risk the lives of others. If this happens, the results can be disastrous and a just cause for a truck accident lawsuit.

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