I Got Hurt Driving Home from Work. Is This a Work Injury?


If you get hurt while you're driving either to work or home from work, generally that's not going to be a covered workers' compensation claim. It's called the “going and coming rule,” which means when you're going to and coming from work, you are not generally covered by workers' compensation.

However, there are exceptions to this. Some of them include if you're driving a company vehicle, or if your employer provides transportation, like your boss picks you up every day and brings you to work. Then you are considered to be in the course of employment, and it would be a covered workers' compensation claim.

There are so many exceptions to the “going and coming rule” that people actually get it wrong and call the exceptions the “going and coming rule.” The point though is, if you get hurt in that situation, you should call us, because an exception may apply, and there may be workers' compensation coverage for your injury.

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