Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyers

Maryland Social Security Disability Lawyers

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If you are disabled and unable to work, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) benefits, or both. Unfortunately, the claims process can be frustrating. Sometimes, a disabled person must file multiple appeals.

At Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A., our social security disability lawyers can help. For more than 15 years, we have successfully assisted many disabled people throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia and other states who received an initial denial of benefits. We have taken cases through the appellate process and all the way to federal court. We make the claim process more convenient, less confusing and less intimidating for people who cannot work. We give you the personal assistance and individual attention that you deserve and fight for your right to disability compensation.

How do you file a Social Security Disability claim in Maryland?

Filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) is an involved process. Before you file, you must go through a five-step evaluation process to determine if you can even receive benefits. This process includes evaluating your medical condition and the type and amount of work you can perform while experiencing your condition. From there, you must meticulously fill out all the paperwork that the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires. Once you have filled out your paperwork and sent it in, you must wait for what seems like a long time for a response. Even after all of that, you may still receive a denial letter in the mail, as the SSA denies approximately one million claims each year. We will take on your case from the beginning, before you have even applied for SSD. We will prepare and file the application for you, and represent you at every step of the process, through every level of the evaluation and any appeal.

What if my claim was denied?

If the SSA denied your initial request for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, do not lose hope. Often, government employees deny claims because of a clerical error such as using the wrong form or forgetting to request and review supporting medical documentation from all of your doctors.

You have 60 days from the date that you received the letter to file an appeal. Selecting an experienced Social Security Disability claims lawyer to help you efficiently respond to your denial can mean the difference between obtaining benefits and not.

Social Security Disability appeals

As knowledgeable SSDI lawyers, we understand the several step process involved in SSD appeals. We can step in to assist you regardless of where you are in the process:

  • Step 1- Initial application: This is the first step to receiving SSD or SSI. You must fill out a lengthy application and sometimes be interviewed in person or over the phone. We take cases before the initial application has been filed, and prepare and file the application for you. This way you can ensure you do not make any mistakes that can hold up the approval of your claim, or say or write something that is later used as the basis for denying your claim. Let us help you from the beginning to the end of the process.
  • Step 2- Request for reconsideration: This is the first appeal, where we are asking the government to assign another employee to review all of your documentation, along with any new evidence we can provide.
  • Step 3- Administrative law judge hearing: This is the second appeal. If the SSA denies your application again, we can request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ). This hearing is like any other court hearing, so it is necessary to prepare appropriately and adhere to court rules and protocol. We present evidence and can call witnesses for testimony. The ALJ will likely ask you questions, as well, and we will prepare you to answer these questions.
  • Step 4- Appeals Council review: We can pursue an appeals council hearing in the event that the ALJ denies your claim. The appeals council can deny your request, send your claim back to the ALJ, or award you money and benefits.
  • Step 5- Federal court hearing: We do not hesitate to take your claim all the way to federal court should all previous appeals steps fail.

Our SSDI attorneys understand how complex this process must sound. Do not get lost in what ifs right now. Instead, schedule a free consultation to ask your questions and get a personalized plan of action.

When should I get an attorney for my Social Security Disability case?

People often think that you shouldn’t get an attorney in a Social Security Disability case until they’ve been denied either once or twice, and they’re waiting for a hearing. Some attorneys even agree with that, but I don’t. I advocate that you come to us as soon as you think you want to do it, even before you’ve filed the initial application. We will file the initial application for you. It’s part of the overall fee that we charge. There’s no additional fee to do it.

I think, overall, it helps people to get an attorney at each step of the process, because we can help them at each step. There’s no reason to do it alone, because if you’re going to get denied, you’re going to need an attorney anyway. It’s better to get someone involved early so I know what’s going on, and I can advise you along the way and make sure your claim is stronger if we do need to eventually go to a hearing.

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There is no cost to pursue the claim. We offer our services on a contingency basis, and the federal government sets our fees. Successful claimants receive a check every month and, in most cases, a check for back benefits. We receive legal fees out of those back benefits only.

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