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Maryland is a major trucking route, as it connects to the entire Eastern Seaboard through I-95, and runs through large swaths of the western United States via U.S. Route 70. An almost inexhaustible amount of commercial truck drivers pass through our state on a daily basis. Because commercial trucks are larger and heavier than other motor vehicles, they cannot be stopped quickly, and have a greater potential to roll over at sharp turns. Combine this with the decreased visibility for drivers because of larger blind spots, and the chances of a truck accident can increase exponentially.

Plaxen & Adler, P.A. offers diligent representation for victims of trucking accidents. Our attorneys in Maryland have the skills, resources, and experience necessary to take on even the most complex motor vehicle accidents involving independent and national trucking companies. At our firm, we only handle personal injury cases, and we only work on behalf of the injured. Our in-depth knowledge of personal injury law and the statutes which guide commercial truck drivers make us the ideal choice for people seeking compensation that can help them get well.

Common causes for truck accidents in Maryland

Any motor vehicle accident can be serious, but those involving commercial trucks can be especially catastrophic. Plaxen & Adler, P.A. offers comprehensive counsel in cases involving:

  • Driver fatigueOver-tired drivers are less responsive to their surroundings, and therefore are more likely to make costly mistakes. The laws state that drivers must rest after 10 hours on the road, but truckers are paid by the mile. Thus, they are incentivized to complete their trips more quickly, potentially forgoing their mandatory rest times.
  • Defective truck parts. Commercial trucks can weigh several tons, and driving a vehicle that heavy requires additional attention. Trucking companies are supposed to routinely inspect their vehicles, and insure that all proper maintenance has been performed. In cases where the gear shifter malfunctions, a tire blows out or the truck’s brakes fail, we can pursue a products liability case on your behalf for any defect.
  • Distracted driving. Cell phone usage is strictly regulated for truck drivers in Maryland, but GPS units are not. A driver who is distracted by a changing map or who reaches for a phone could cause an accident when his or her eyes are diverted from the road itself.
  • Cargo shifts and falling debris. Improperly secured cargo can cause a number of problems for truckers. The cargo can slide around in the back and cause the truck to become unbalanced, and loose debris can drop from the truck onto other cars or the road. This type of negligence can lead to fatal accidents if the truck tips over or if the spilled debris obscures the road or injures the driver.
  • Drunk driving and substance abuse. Drunk drivers are always dangerous; drunk truck drivers, however, pose an even greater threat. The sheer magnitude of their vehicles almost guarantees catastrophic injuries in the event of a collision. A driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not only face criminal charges, but he or she may be held liable for any injuries you sustain in the event of a crash.
  • Aggressive driving. Cutting in and out of lanes, tailgating other vehicles, speeding up to pass other drivers: these are all aggressive driving acts. An aggressive truck driver can cause a serious accident involving multiple cars, easily knock over road signs, or jack-knife if forced to attempt to brake too quickly.
  • Speeding. Much like some truck drivers ignore federal safety guidelines about how long they can be on the road, others will speed to make up for lost time. It is difficult enough to stop a truck which is going the normal speed limit; a speeding truck driver may not be able to stop his or her tractor-trailer at all.
  • Poor driver training. Trucking companies are supposed to train their drivers in how to handle steep grades, how to properly merge, and how to react in the event of an emergency (such as icy roads or in the event of a collision). If a driver was not trained correctly, or if he or she is given little to no direct supervision, then that driver is also at risk of being hurt.

At Plaxen & Adler, P.A., we treat each and every truck accident with the same level of determination and attention to detail. We use accident reconstruction experts to help build your case, and petition trucking companies for the black boxes and/or video recordings that are present in their trucks, as these often provide crucial evidence in accident lawsuits.

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