Multi-Car Crashes and Establishing Liability in Maryland

Maryland Multi-Car Accident LawyersA multi-car crash claimed the lives of four people in Glenmont, Maryland on Feb. 20. The crash occurred near Silver Spring at southbound Georgia Avenue and Hathaway Drives at about 3:30 PM.

Four people, including one child, were taken to the hospital after suffering serious injuries in the crash. According to police, two of the patients were listed as priority one, and the other two as priority two. Officials said that one of the victims was also trapped inside their vehicle at the scene.

Multi-Car crashes sometimes present legal challenges

Depending on the fact pattern, when a multi-car, chain-reaction crash occurs, complex legal issues may arise surrounding fault and causation. These crashes often involve a number of different defendants and plaintiffs with personal injury claims arising from the incident. If you have suffered an injury in a multi-vehicle crash, it is vital for you to acquire the services of an experienced Maryland accident attorney early in the process when talking to the parties or witnesses could be very important.

Multi-car crash dangers

A chain reaction car crash incident is particularly dangerous due to all of the vehicle occupants as well as pedestrians and bystanders who may be swept into the event once the first impact occurs. There are two types of impact threats arising from multi-car crashes. These are:

  • Primary impacts. These types of impacts occur when a careless or negligent driver instigates the initial crash, colliding with either an object or another vehicle.
  • Secondary impacts. These types of impacts occur as one or more drivers attempt to avoid colliding with another vehicle or object, but actually precipitate other accidents in their effort to avoid impact.

With multiple incidents occurring from different sources during a multi-car chain reaction event, it is easy to see how significant injuries and even fatalities can occur during these crashes.

Issues of liability in chain reaction crashes

Assigning fault to one or more parties can be challenging in multi-car crashes. This is especially true for the following reasons:

  • An injured victim may seek compensation when there are multiple defendants involved. Compensation may be obtained from a negligent driver who initiated the primary impact as well as others involved in secondary impacts.
  • Even in cases when fault for the crash is clear., the insurance coverage of the at-fault driver may not be sufficient to pay the required compensation to all victims. Under this scenario, we can help secure other funds or compensation.
  • A multicar crash means there were multiple insurance companies involved in sorting out claims. It’s important to remember that insurers look out for their profits. They protect their interests and you can expect many insurers to shift blame for the accident onto drivers who are not covered under their policies.

A chain reaction car crash can precipitate various legal issues. However an experienced lawyer with the right knowledge and skills can overcome these challenges on your behalf. With multiple cars involved in the incident, there are numerous insurance companies and individual parties to deal with regarding a claim for compensation.

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