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Elevators and escalators are common means of transportation, ones that we use on a regular basis in public places. While elevators and escalators normally are safe, when they malfunction they can cause serious injury and death. At Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A., we help protect victims throughout Maryland who were hurt while riding on an escalator or in an elevator. With multiples offices in Baltimore, Columbia and throughout the state, we are always nearby when you need us the most.

Causes of elevator and escalator injuries

Escalator injuries have been in the international news quite a bit, but accidents happen right here in the U.S. all the time. Some of the more common reasons why elevators and escalators malfunction can include:

  • Improper maintenance. Building owners owe you a duty of care that includes proper maintenance of their elevators and escalators. Keeping them clean, running tests on their functionality and ensuring that all cables are strong and in working order are just some of their responsibilities. Failing to perform inspections can cost you fingers, toes, hands or feet.
  • Manufacturing defects. While the basic blueprints, so to speak, for elevators and escalators are the same, an error or faulty piece of equipment introduced during production can cause these machines to malfunction. You can find your shoelaces getting caught in the tracks of the escalator, or you may be injured if an elevators doors fail to close properly – before or after you enter.
  • Failure to issue safety warnings. Building owners and operators have a duty to keep people safe on escalators and elevators. Failing to use proper safety warning – like keeping your hands on the rail of an escalator, for example, or listing the maximum capacity of an elevator – can lead to serious injuries. Tripping and falling, or even losing a limb, are both potential outcomes.
  • Poor planning for installation. You can be seriously injured on an escalator or in an elevator if buildings owners are not smart about where they are located. By placing elevators and escalators in poorly lit areas, or where security companies cannot see the users, owners and operators put the safety and security of building occupants at risk of both accidental injury as well as violence.

Because of these serious consequences, elevator operators owe you the highest duty of care. When someone is injured by an elevator or escalator, the property owner and the company responsible for maintenance often both deny responsibility and place the blame for the injury on the other party, which can make litigation necessary to recover the compensation you deserve. The Maryland personal injury lawyers of Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A. are experienced in litigating elevator and escalator injury cases, and are aggressive in pursuing the evidence necessary to prove the owner or maintenance provider are at fault when a person is injured by an elevator or escalator.

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