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Jun 26, 2017

Congratulations, Kamesha Laurry, on Being Awarded the Plaxen & Adler Civil Trial Advocacy Scholarship

By |Jun 26, 2017|Scholarship Winners|0 Comments

Plaxen & Adler, P.A. is pleased to announce that this year’s Civil Trial Advocacy Scholarship has been awarded to Kamesha Laurry. Ms. Laurry will start her first year at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law this fall. We awarded Ms. Laurry her $2500 scholarship at our office in Columbia, MD, and were even more […]

Jun 23, 2017

You Can and Should Keep Track of the Status of Your Social Security Disability Claim

By |Jun 23, 2017|Social Security Disability|0 Comments

When you apply for Social Security Disability, your application will go through a few stages before it reaches a person who will either accept or deny your claim. During this process, you can check on the status of your claim to see if there have been any changes or decisions made. You should keep […]

Jun 21, 2017

What is a Products Liability Case?

By |Jun 21, 2017|Products Liability|0 Comments

Products liability is a general term for cases where there is negligence in either the design or manufacture of a product. For instance, if a manufacturer were to design a product that simply was inherently dangerous – for instance, a pressure cooker that did not have a proper way for air to vent, and […]

Jun 19, 2017

Are Driverless Cars Really Safe Enough to be Tested on Public Roads?

By |Jun 19, 2017|Auto Accidents, News|0 Comments

When we heard the first rumblings of autonomous cars on the road, we weren’t quite sure what to think. On the one hand, it did seem pretty cool that The Jetsons technology might finally become available. On the other hand, we know just how dangerous car crashes can be: we work with people whose […]

Jun 16, 2017

Finally, Some Good News for Car Owners Affected by the Takata Airbag Recall

By |Jun 16, 2017|Auto Accidents, Products Liability|0 Comments

Over the course of the last nine years, we have watched the saga of Takata’s defective airbag recalls unfold. To date, it is the largest recall in U.S. history: 42 million vehicles in this country are equipped with these airbags. In February 2017, Takata pled guilty to fraud, and agreed to pay a billion […]

Jun 14, 2017

What Does Personal Injury Protection Cover?

By |Jun 14, 2017|Auto Accidents|0 Comments

Personal injury protection coverage is even better than your health insurance because with your personal injury protection coverage, you can go to any doctor, they must take your PIP, and PIP will pay 100%. There’s no deductible, there’s no copay; and unlike with health insurance at the end of the case, they may ask […]

Jun 12, 2017

Opioids Like Fentanyl Now Pose More of a Danger than Heroin

By |Jun 12, 2017|News|0 Comments

In May, an Ohio police officer named Chris Green responded to a traffic stop for a possible drug sale. He searched the car after discovering white powder on the seats and on the suspects themselves. Green wore gloves and a mask during the search. When he returned to the station, Green realized he had […]

Jun 8, 2017

A Wrong-Way Crash on Rte. 50 Proved Fatal for Both Drivers

By |Jun 8, 2017|Auto Accidents|0 Comments

Head-on collisions are, statistically, the deadliest type of car crash. The collision on Rte. 50 in Anne Arundel County on May 17, 2017, has proven no different: both drivers died, and a 14-month-old boy was airlifted to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. (He survived, and is now home with his father.) According to WBALTV, Laura […]

Jun 6, 2017

I Fell and Was Injured. Do I Have a Case?

By |Jun 6, 2017|Premises Liability|0 Comments

Slip and fall cases are some of the most difficult cases. Unlike medical malpractice cases where the medicine is difficult or a products liability case where the science is difficult, slip and fall cases are difficult because of the laws in Maryland.

Maryland is one of four states that has contributory negligence, which means that […]

Jun 1, 2017

What Happens if my Car Lost Value After an Accident?

By |Jun 1, 2017|Auto Accidents|0 Comments


I think everybody understands you’ve tried to trade in a car, and you get less for your vehicle because it’s been in an accident. In additional to getting you rental and getting the repairs made on your car, often times, especially on newer vehicles, if it’s been in a significant accident, we need to […]

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