Is Vision Zero Actually Reducing Car Accident Deaths?

Is Vision Zero Actually Reducing Car Accident Deaths?Vision Zero is a multi-tiered initiative designed to reduce, and eventually eliminate, fatal roadway accidents. Maryland has a Vision Zero plan that was implemented to prevent car accidents and save lives by 2030. However, even though this plan has been in effect for almost four years already, the number of fatal crashes continues to rise across the state.

According to Maryland Matters, one of Maryland’s largest and most walkable cities, Baltimore, is considered to be the second deadliest county for traveling. When looking at the data, it appears that Vision Zero is not doing a good job at reducing car accident deaths. The Maryland Highway Safety Office may be working hard to spread awareness and encourage people to refrain from doing certain things while driving. However, people’s negligent actions and behaviors indicate that they are not taking proper precautions and driving carefully on the roads.

What is the Vision Zero plan and what are its goals?

The Vision Zero plan was implemented in October 2019. Some of the ways that this organization is working to achieve these goals are by implementing safety plans, engaging with safety partners, and providing outreach and educational opportunities to younger and older drivers. These programs typically take place at schools, military institutions, colleges, and work locations.

The Maryland Matters article reviewed data gathered by a new dashboard that tracks every single fatal crash that occurs in Maryland. This data indicated that a fatal crash happened more than once a day in Maryland in 2022. As a matter of fact, 563 people lost their lives on the roadways in Maryland last year.

Many people were under the impression that the increased fatalities on Maryland roads in 2020 were because less people were on the road during the pandemic, which often led to more speeding. However, the data for 2022 is very similar to 2020, even though more people are back on the roads and highways.

Are pedestrians and bicyclists being affected?

Although Vision Zero has a goal to save all lives on Maryland roads, 135 pedestrians and 11 bicyclists were killed on state roads in 2022. Unfortunately, both numbers increased from 2021.

To make matters worse, Maryland’s most walkable cities seem to be the most affected. For example, Baltimore, Maryland’s most populated and fourth most walkable city, was the second deadliest county with 63 fatalities in 2022. Langley Park, Maryland’s most walkable city located in Prince George’s County, ranks first as the deadliest county to drive in, with about 100 lives lost in 2022.

A person who works for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Chrissy Nizer, stated that the more density that there is in a city, the more crashes tend to happen. This means that pedestrians and bicyclists are at a higher risk in more walkable and denser areas such as Baltimore and Langley Park, even though you would think that the opposite would be true.

The causes of motor vehicle accidents in Maryland

While motor vehicle accidents occur in Maryland for different reasons, Chrissy Nizer pointed out that many of these “accidents” should be described as crashes instead. She mentioned that most of the time, these preventable crashes are caused by intentional actions/behaviors by drivers, meaning that they are typically caused by:

  • Aggressive driving or road rage
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Fatigued driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Tailgating

While many people may believe that they made a simple mistake which led to a car accident, the truth is that many accidents are caused by the decisions that people make before or while behind the wheel of the vehicle.

What can I do if I am a victim of a car accident in Maryland?

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