Maria Peppe

Legal Assistant

Maria Peppe has been a Legal Assistant with Plaxen Adler Muncy since July of 2012. Prior to her work at Plaxen Adler Muncy, she worked for 25 years as a Liability Adjuster. Maria has extensive knowledge in handling automobile accident claims involving bodily injury, as well as general negligence cases. Maria is experienced in obtaining medical documents to assist in the settlement process. Her expertise is in evaluating and negotiating settlement of personal injury claims.

Maria is also the Legal Assistant who assists Associate Attorney David Muncy in the handling of the Firm’s Social Security Disability claims. Maria’s duties include applying for social security disability benefits on behalf of our clients, obtaining medical records to document their disabilities, filing of appeals and in helping to prepare cases for hearings. Maria has excellent customer service skills and relations with her clients, medical providers, claims adjusters, and the public.

Maria can always be counted on to approach her work and tackle problems with a smile.