The process of applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) can be overwhelming, particularly when your health is suffering. Although having the services of an attorney with experience in Social Security disability cases is not required, you will most likely find such legal assistance extremely helpful and beneficial to your case.

A Social Security disability lawyer has specific experience dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This individual can help you handle all of the various issues that come up during the Disability benefits application process.

A seasoned Social Security Disability attorney will serve as the communicator and point of contact between you and the SSA. Filing a Social Security Disability application is a complex process, and one mistake can cost you benefits. Your lawyer makes sure that those mistakes don’t happen, and ushers you through the process. He or she will also represent you in hearings, when necessary.
Social Security Disability Attorneys in Maryland

An initial review of your case

Regardless of where you currently are in your SSD application process, your attorney can perform a review of your entire case. After conducting a review, your attorney will provide you with the optimum approach and strategy to win your case. This may involve developing a more effective and compelling story that describes your disability and situation and convinces the SSA to approve your application.

Ensure your application is complete

One of the major mistakes made by individuals applying for SSD benefits is submitting an incomplete claim. Most applicants are denied after their initial submission, and one of the biggest reasons is the filing of an incomplete application. Your Social Security attorney can ensure your application is 100% complete.

Gather and organize your medical evidence

The medical evidence you provide with your SSD application is a crucial factor in determining the outcome of your case. Your SSD lawyer can help you gather the pertinent medical evidence required for your application. He or she can review your medical records and search through hundreds of documents as necessary to determine those which are most important. In addition, your attorney can help you locate and gather any missing medical tests that are important evidence in support of your case. Your SSD attorney can also obtain opinion statements or letters from your physician or other healthcare professionals that help substantiate your claim.

File any necessary appeals on your behalf

If your case is initially denied by the SSA (as most cases are), you have the right to appeal the decision. Your Maryland Social Security attorney can help you follow the steps in the appeals process and complete them within the required amount of time.

Represent you at disability hearings for your appeal

Most disability claims are won after they reach the disability hearing stage. If your claim has been denied, you will be offered the opportunity for a hearing before an administrative law judge. Proper preparation for these hearings is critical. Your Disability attorney will ensure you are prepared for all aspects of the hearing and will provide legal arguments on your behalf. Although you will be required to speak for yourself at the administrative hearing, your attorney will represent you at this time as well, asking questions of your witnesses, and interacting with any expert witnesses in your case.

If you have sustained an injury that has left you disabled, our Maryland Social Security Disability lawyers at Plaxen & Adler, P.A. are here to help you take the next step. We can assist you in making a claim for benefits and represent you in an appeal as may be necessary after a claim denial. Call us today at 410-730-7737 or use our contact form to request a free, initial consultation.

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