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Cancer is a serious and life-threatening condition that requires early detection and treatment for a successful outcome. For many patients, the sooner they are diagnosed, the sooner their doctors can design and implement an effective treatment plan. However, if the medical professionals in whom you put your trust act negligently and fail to properly diagnose your condition, you may unnecessarily suffer the effects of cancer and its treatment.

The Maryland medical malpractice attorneys at Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A. have been fighting for victims of cancer misdiagnosis for over 35 years. If you or a loved one experienced injury at the hands of a negligent medical professional, we can advocate for you and help hold the right people accountable. Contact our offices today for experienced and compassionate legal guidance, or read our testimonials to find out why we are a trusted and recommended law firm.

How many cancer patients are misdiagnosed each year?

Diagnostic mistakes are among the most common medical errors. They are also among the most serious. According to Medical News Today:

  • Between 40,000 and 80,000 deaths annually may be attributed to misdiagnosis
  • An additional 80,000 and 160,000 injuries can be attributed to misdiagnosis
  • The three most common conditions for misdiagnosis are infections, vascular events, and cancer
  • Over 33% of misdiagnosis leading to death or permanent disability involved cancers
  • The most common type of cancer misdiagnosis is lung cancer
  • Other commonly misdiagnosed cancers include cancers of the breast, skin and prostate

Other cancers that may be misdiagnosed include:

·         Bladder cancer

·         Cervical cancer

·         Colon cancer

·         Colorectal cancer

·         Lymphoma

·         Ovarian cancer

·         Pancreatic cancer

·         Rectal cancer

·         Thyroid cancer

·         Uterine cancer

Medical News Today also noted that most cancer-related misdiagnoses occurred in outpatient settings.

What types of mistakes lead to cancer misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis occurs when a physician, specialist or technician fails to make the proper assessment of cancer, including its presence, type, location, associated conditions, and the stage of the cancer. An early diagnosis can greatly improve a patient’s outlook and prevent the risk of the cancer spreading or metastasizing. If allowed to progress too long, some types of cancer may be incurable.

A variety of factors coupled with negligence can lead to a delayed or misdiagnosis. These medical mistakes can include:

  • Failing to notice a lesion or tumor during biopsy
  • Failing to follow up with patients with suspected cancer
  • Failure to follow up with patients who are at an increased risk for cancer, like recommending screenings for patients with a family history of breast cancer, etc.
  • Failure to refer to a specialist or to undergo further testing
  • Identifying a benign growth as a malignant one
  • Identifying a malignant growth as a benign one
  • Lab errors, such as misreading results or mixing up/mislabeling specimens
  • Misclassifying a stage of cancer from a biopsy
  • Not addressing patient symptoms or complaints and missing signs of cancer

Doctors and other medical professionals are expected to provide a reasonable level of care to their patients. If they make a mistake that other physicians at their level would not make under the same circumstances, they may be considered medically negligent and therefore responsible for your losses and injuries. Here at Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A., we work to hold the negligent parties accountable in the form of financial compensation.

How much is my Maryland cancer misdiagnosis claim worth?

Every patient, every injury, and every recovery is unique. If you were injured because of medical malpractice, our attorneys work to secure the maximum compensation possible. We determine this by taking factors like the following into consideration:

  • The extent of your injuries as a result of the delayed or misdiagnosis
  • How these injuries have affected your life
  • Current and future required medical care
  • Current and future wage loss
  • All expenses related to your medical condition

Because medical malpractice cases tend to involve many parties, there is no “average” settlement or award for malpractice and misdiagnosis claim. However, our attorneys work to their utmost to ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover as best you can.

Can I make a cancer misdiagnosis claim on behalf of a deceased loved one?

Yes, in Maryland, you can. This is called a wrongful death action. You must be the spouse, parent, child or dependent of the victim in order to take legal action against the negligent party. As the survivor, you have a three-year statute of limitations to file a wrongful death action. Our attorneys can explain more about deadlines, your rights, and why it is so important to start your case as soon as possible.

A successful wrongful death action can compensate survivors for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills, treatments, and other related expenses
  • Your loved one’s pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship

Our attorneys work to collect the evidence necessary to prove malpractice occurred, and that your loved one’s needless death was a direct result of that malpractice. We can help.

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