The Risks of Working in Housekeeping and Cleaning

Housekeeping and Cleaning Injuries

Employment in the housekeeping profession is physically demanding and potentially risky to one’s health. Housekeepers and cleaning staff encounter a variety of chemicals and physical hazards on the job and many of these workers don’t have access to workers’ compensation benefits. Whether cleaning as a side gig or with a professional company, workers need the…

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Tesla Recalls Vehicle Equipped with Full Self-Driving Beta

Tesla Self Driving Defects

Tesla is under fire yet again for their “innovative technology” which actually turned out to be dangerous. The company sent out a recall for 53,822 of its vehicles due to issues with the vehicle performing rolling stops at intersections when it should be coming to a complete stop. While there have not been any crashes…

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Paralyzed Passenger Sues Uber for $63 Million

Uber Passenger Lawsuit

For many, hailing an Uber is convenient and gets you to and from your destination quickly. However, for Will Good, his Uber ride changed his life forever. His driver, who had a spotty record to begin with, swerved his vehicle during their trip and slammed into a parked car. This caused Good to be thrown…

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Mercedes Soft-Close Doors Can Cause Traumatic Amputations

Mercedes Soft-Close Door Injury

Each year, car manufacturers are trying to innovate more and more with new technology. Mercedes-Benz is no different, especially with their soft-closing doors. However, these self-closing doors have turned out to be dangerous. As it turns out, the soft-close feature also causes harm to those who are trying to close the door. In October of…

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OSHA, Workers’ Compensation, and Public Records

OSHA, Workers’ Compensation, and Public Records

A little-known fact about the inspections and investigations of workplaces throughout the country is that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) keeps a public record of its findings. An OSHA investigation is typically triggered when an employer is suspected of being in violation of safety standards. Another reason an investigation may be triggered is…

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Phantom Braking in Teslas Is Causing Car Accidents

Phantom Braking in Teslas

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received a plethora of complaints related to Tesla vehicles suddenly braking to avoid hazards that do not exist. The biggest concern is that this reaction can actually cause rear-end collisions and other crashes. The NHTSA is actively discussing consumer complaints with Tesla but there has not been…

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FDA Warns of Problems with Heart Pump; Patients Receive it Anyway

HeartWare heart pump

Eight years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found problems and concerns with the HeartWare heart pump. Even with this information, the pump was implanted into patients for years following. The problem was found back in 2014 and a warning letter was sent to the manufacturer by the FDA. However, this did not stop…

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Do Placebos Really Work?

Do Placebos Work

When it comes to modern medicine, it is common for the use of placebos to be used in pharmaceutical trials. However, should a physician ever prescribe placebos for particular conditions like chronic back pain or depression? This is the current debate among many healthcare professionals. Researchers, in particular, believe that placebos are effective not just…

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Silver Spring Gas Explosion Leaves 100 People Homeless and 14 Injured

Silver Spring Gas Explosion

An explosion at the Friendly Garden Apartments complex on Thursday, March 3 is still under investigation by the Montgomery County Fire Department and county police, with assistance from federal authorities. Investigators did find a cut gas line, but there was a plumber working on the building at the time of the explosion, so authorities are…

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What Can I Do if My Child Is Hurt on a School Bus?

School Bus Injuries Maryland

Due to the changes forced by the coronavirus pandemic, you probably have missed some of the common routines when getting your child ready for school. Maybe you enjoyed the quality time between you and your child as you walked him or her to the bus stop. The good news is that as schools begin to…

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