Do you really need an injury lawyer to help you settle your insurance claim in the aftermath of a car accident? You may have considered simply negotiating on your own and “saving” on lawyer fees. However, if you think you can achieve the same results or at least come out ahead without the benefit of a personal injury attorney, you should reconsider this notion. Going the do-it-yourself route with a car injury claim can leave you forfeiting a significant amount of compensation you are owed.

It is more complex than you realize

It is important to understand that what seems like an open and shut case can actually be quite complex. Handling a car accident claim properly requires particular knowledge of the law and medicine. Securing a reasonable and fair settlement requires knowledge of how these cases work, the strategies employed by defendants, and the most effective ways to negotiate in order to maximize the value of your case.

The rules of personal injury cases are strict and insurance company attorneys will fight hard to minimize their clients’ payouts. In addition, identifying liable parties and the most viable sources of financial collection can be difficult.

Why Do You Need an Injury Lawyer If You’re Injured in a Car Accident?

Determining liability is not always easy

Achieving a successful car accident claim often hinges on a single important factor: demonstrating the specific party which is at fault for the accident and associated injuries. In order to prove liability successfully, an in-depth investigation is often required. In some cases, car accident lawyers will work with accident reconstructionists to assist with the investigation. In addition, witnesses must be identified and statements taken. Photographs of the crash scene are also taken. As the process continues, subpoenas are served to specific individuals. Particular evidence gathered from the scene is preserved. All of these crucial steps on behalf of the injured victim are carried out under the leadership of an experienced car accident attorney.

Insurance companies often refuse to freely admit the fault of their client

s and their obligation to pay up. Attempting to handle your own car crash injury case without the benefit of a seasoned professional attorney with experience in these cases can leave you vulnerable to the complexities of the law and the resistance of insurance companies. An experienced attorney can help you push through all of these obstacles and maximize your compensation.

Insurance companies want to take advantage of the fact that you are not represented

Insurance companies want to take advantage of the fact that you do not have a lawyer. They know when you don’t have a lawyer that you do not have the knowledge of what your claim is worth that an experienced attorney does, that you do not know how the laws regarding personal injury cases work, and that you do not have the knowledge or the resources to litigate the case if they do not make an appropriate offer.

Ask these questions before you decide

If you are evaluating whether you need to hire an experienced car accident lawyer, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I possess financial resources equivalent to the insurance companies to pay for my expenses prior to the settlement of my case?
  • Do I understand all the aspects of motor vehicle insurance provisions and policies, including underinsured benefits and uninsured coverage?
  • At what point should I begin settlement negotiations?
  • Can I prove under the law why I deserve compensation?
  • What level of compensation should I demand?
  • Do I know the statutes of limitation that apply to my case in Maryland?
  • What options do I have if my case does not settle?
  • Am I prepared to file suit if an appropriate offer is not made?

If you expect to secure fair and reasonable compensation for the injuries you sustained in a car accident, you need the right lawyer on your side.

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