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Help for families throughout Maryland after a serious car accident

Few events are more frightening than a car accident. When you or your loved one is seriously injured, it can be even more overwhelming. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of the laws in Maryland which govern the rules of the road and the drivers who use them, you may find yourself in a position where you do not know what to do next. In those circumstances, it is reassuring to have someone on your case as you deal with insurance companies, the police and body repair shops. Our Maryland car accident lawyers are here to help.

For more than 30 years, Plaxen & Adler, P.A. has offered good advice for car accident victims in Maryland. Our car accident lawyers in Baltimore, Columbia and throughout the state help you understand the process of filing a lawsuit, explain to you and your family and collect evidence that your injuries were caused by the accident, and obtain the maximum amount of compensation allowed to you under the law. Our track record of successful jury trials and settlements speaks for itself.

How our Maryland car accident lawyers can help

We routinely represent clients who have experienced all manner of health conditions as a result of any kind of car accident. We work with your doctors to document your injuries and the results they have had on you and your family, and on occasion may bring in an accident reconstructionist to help juries understand how the accident happened and why. We also know what is an acceptable offer of settlement, and can recognize when the insurance company is being unfair. In the few instances when we cannot reach an out of court settlement, we will fight hard for you in court to ensure the best possible outcome.

Additional concerns facing car accident victims in Maryland

At Plaxen & Adler, P.A., we believe that superior service in trial or in settlement negotiations is only part of the plan; to that end, our Maryland car accident lawyers make it a point to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their future. We assist you with any issues concerning:

  • Property DamageOur firm will handle all aspects of the property damage to your vehicle.  If your car or motorcycle requires repairs, we can help to get your repairs paid for. If your car is severely damaged and totaled, we can advise you about the value of your vehicle, and can negotiate that value with the insurance company.
  • Personal Injury Protection: Most people have personal injury protection (PIP) included in their automobile insurance policies. This is coverage that will pay up to a certain sum of money, usually $2,500, for medical expenses and lost wages. If you have PIP coverage on your vehicle, you can use it with no risk of your insurance premiums going up. If you do not have PIP coverage, we will look for other ways to get it. Our Maryland car accident lawyers process your PIP paperwork at no charge to you.
  • Defendant’s Insurance:We will track down the person who hit you, and immediately contact their insurance company. Oftentimes, we can solve your property damage and rental car problems very quickly.  We will deal with the insurance company so that they do not bother you, and we will keep them updated about the progress of your case as necessary.
  • Your Insurance:To the extent that the defendant is uninsured, or does not have enough insurance to pay for your injuries, we will work with your insurance company to secure benefits for you under your uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits. If the defendant’s insurance company does not accept liability early on, we can process your rental car and property damage issues with your insurance company directly until the case is resolved by a lawsuit or later settlement.

When you need options, we help to provide them. At Plaxen & Adler, P.A., we pride ourselves on really listening to our clients’ needs and goals, and working together to create choices that work in your best interest.

Maryland car accident lawyers you can trust to protect you and your loved ones

Dealing with the effects of a serious car accident is hard; choosing the right Maryland car accident lawyer to represent your interests need not be. Plaxen & Adler, P.A. creates options for auto accident victims in Baltimore, Columbia and throughout Maryland after a serious injury threatens to alter their lives forever. Please call at 410.988.4449 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.