What Is the Most Dangerous Car in America?

Most Dangerous Car in AmericaEven the safest and most defensive driver can find themselves in a crash when a reckless or negligent driver is on the road. In some cases, though, the type of car you drive can make a difference in the seriousness of your injuries. The size, safety rating, or age of your vehicle can all come into play when involved in a collision or crash. That’s what auto insurance company ValuePenguin found after analyzing national crash data to determine exactly which vehicles are most likely to be involved in fatal crashes.

The long story short? ValuePenguin's report revealed the most dangerous vehicle in the United States is the Ford F-Series pickup. Over the period studied, the Ford F-Series was involved in 10,845 fatal auto crashes – the most of any car, truck, or SUV in their research.

Other findings include:

  • Motorcycles account for 10% of fatal crashes, despite making up only 3% of registered vehicles
  • Of the top 20 most dangerous cars, the Ford Mustang did the worst job of protecting occupants
  • Passenger cars account for the most fatal crashes nationwide
  • Vehicle model years 2005 through 2008 accounted for the most fatal crashes

Researchers used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for their analysis.

The top five deadliest vehicles in the U.S.

According to the study, which studied data during a period of five years, the top five most dangerous vehicles in the country are as follows:

  1. Ford F-Series: 10,845 fatal crashes. The vast majority of fatal accidents were for the F-150 model, accounting for 65% of all fatal F-Series crashes. The F-Series is also one of the cheapest vehicles in the country to insure.
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: 7,718 fatal crashes. This is another large pickup truck and one of the tallest vehicles on the road. It is also the deadliest vehicle in Arkansas and Vermont.
  3. Honda Accord: 5,079 fatal crashes. The Accord is the most dangerous passenger car in the study and is also slightly more dangerous for occupants. It is also the deadliest vehicle in New Jersey.
  4. Toyota Camry: 4,734 fatal crashes. This is the most popular sedan in the country, with slightly fewer fatal crashes than its top competitor, the Accord.
  5. Ram pickups (all models): 5,897 fatal crashes. Although this is another popular truck with a high rate of fatal crashes, the Ram has a lower risk of fatal injuries to its occupants. The 2001 model year was involved in the most fatal crashes.

The most dangerous vehicle, i.e. most fatally-crashed, here in Maryland is, not surprisingly, the Ford F-Series pickup.

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