Phantom Braking in Teslas Is Causing Car Accidents

Phantom Braking in TeslasThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received a plethora of complaints related to Tesla vehicles suddenly braking to avoid hazards that do not exist. The biggest concern is that this reaction can actually cause rear-end collisions and other crashes.

The NHTSA is actively discussing consumer complaints with Tesla but there has not been any news on what will happen next. While they review data, many drivers are still at risk of accidents. This does not seem to be the only issue with Tesla vehicles, as the NHTSA has had to work with the company on other issues in the past.

Tesla did recall their Full Self-Driving software in October 2021 due to a similar problem, but this was only one version of the software. It seems the recall may have been the catalyst for the surge in complaints, as the numbers rose to over 100 complaints in three months. Before the recall announcement, there had only been 34 complaints in 22 months. However, this may not be the only cause, as Tesla also replaced their radar sensors with cameras in their Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles.

The combination of these two changes is what many attribute to the increase in Tesla's phantom braking and potential accidents. If you have been involved in an accident in or with a Tesla, you may need to contact a Maryland car accident attorney.

What steps should I take after a Maryland car accident?

You might be confused and shaken after an accident, but there are some steps you should take for the safety of all parties involved.

  • Call 911: The first and most crucial thing you should do when you are involved in an accident is call emergency services. Police and first responders will arrive on the scene. They can block off traffic and will also file a report that you will need for your case. Emergency medical staff will be able to assess you and your passengers at the scene for injuries. You may need to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.
  • Take pictures and videos: If you are able to, you should take pictures and videos of the scene itself. Save these pictures and videos to give to your attorney. Do not post these anywhere online.
  • Move the car: If it is safe to do so, you and the other driver should move your vehicles off to the side of the road. If you cannot move the vehicles, then turn on your hazard lights.
  • Exchange insurance information: You will need to collect the insurance information of the other driver. They will also want your information for when they report the accident to their insurance company.
  • Request contact information for witnesses: If there are any witnesses, try to get their contact information as well. They may leave before the police arrive and witness accounts can go a long way in your case.
  • Call an attorney: Contact a Maryland car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your injuries and your options.

Common injuries from car accidents

When you are involved in an accident, it is important to seek medical attention and determine the extent of your injuries. There may be a delay in the onset of symptoms since the shock and adrenaline may cover up some of those injuries. The most common injuries after a car accident include:

This is not a full list, but just a few examples of what can happen to you after an accident. A Maryland car accident attorney can help you get the best medical treatment for your injuries so that you can get back on your feet. If you suffered a catastrophic injury, your life may be forever changed and we will work to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

How a Maryland car accident attorney can help

When you are involved in an accident it can be traumatic, to say the least. While there are a number of ways a car accident can occur, it is important that you have the right legal representation to get the compensation you deserve. An experienced attorney will investigate the cause of your accident and see if it was caused by a defective part.

While you might think that the cause of the accident is clear, it may not be, especially when there were safety features that did not work. Finding the negligent party can often be complex and it is important to have an experienced Maryland car accident attorney on your team. After an accident, call Plaxen Adler Muncy, P.A. at 410-730-7737, or fill out our contact form to schedule an initial consultation at one of our Maryland offices.