The Dangers of Driving in Low Visibility Environments

Dangers Driving in Low Visibility

In April, General Motors recalled more than 680,000 SUVs after a windshield wiper defect was discovered. Manufacturers are concerned that the windshield wipers could possibly fall from the ball joints wearing away. The vehicle models that are currently recalled are the 2014 to 2015 model year Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles. The company has…

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What Is the Right to Repair?

Right to Repair

Last year, there was major headway made on the topic of the right to repair. Federal regulators began to discuss what could be done against unlawful restrictions placed by product manufacturers and their inability to allow consumers to repair their own products. Apple was the first company to begin to allow access to parts and…

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Tesla Recalls Vehicle Equipped with Full Self-Driving Beta

Tesla Self Driving Defects

Tesla is under fire yet again for their “innovative technology” which actually turned out to be dangerous. The company sent out a recall for 53,822 of its vehicles due to issues with the vehicle performing rolling stops at intersections when it should be coming to a complete stop. While there have not been any crashes…

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Mercedes Soft-Close Doors Can Cause Traumatic Amputations

Mercedes Soft-Close Door Injury

Each year, car manufacturers are trying to innovate more and more with new technology. Mercedes-Benz is no different, especially with their soft-closing doors. However, these self-closing doors have turned out to be dangerous. As it turns out, the soft-close feature also causes harm to those who are trying to close the door. In October of…

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Phantom Braking in Teslas Is Causing Car Accidents

Phantom Braking in Teslas

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received a plethora of complaints related to Tesla vehicles suddenly braking to avoid hazards that do not exist. The biggest concern is that this reaction can actually cause rear-end collisions and other crashes. The NHTSA is actively discussing consumer complaints with Tesla but there has not been…

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FDA Warns of Problems with Heart Pump; Patients Receive it Anyway

HeartWare heart pump

Eight years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found problems and concerns with the HeartWare heart pump. Even with this information, the pump was implanted into patients for years following. The problem was found back in 2014 and a warning letter was sent to the manufacturer by the FDA. However, this did not stop…

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Dangerous Pacifiers Recalled for Choking Hazard

Dangerous Pacifiers Recalled for Choking Hazard

When you purchase a baby product you assume it is safe for your child. The last thing you would expect is for your baby to choke from using their pacifier. Mushie & Co announced in January, however, that it would be recalling its FRIGG pacifiers for this very reason. This announcement comes after over 200…

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Portable Bed Rails Recalled Due to Multiple Deaths

Portable Bed Rails Injury - Death

Out of all of the products that you would expect to be recalled for dangerous reasons, the worst type of product that would come to mind would be any type of healthcare equipment. Yet, bed assist handles and bed rails were the recent subject of a recall in late December of last year. Drive DeVilbiss…

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Zoom 360 Ultralight Strollers Have Been Recalled

Zoom 360 Stroller Recall

We all understand how fragile babies are. The tiniest physical injuries can cause severe harm to babies. What if, as a parent, you are at the mall with your baby and out of nowhere the front wheel on your stroller breaks off with your baby in the stroller? That is the situation that countless parents…

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FDA Issues Order Against E-Cigarette Makers

FDA E-Cig Injury Warning

E-cigarette companies strategize different marketing tactics that will help their nicotine-filled products appeal to the youth. One marketing tactic that is commonly executed is the use of appealing flavors associated with their products. Some e-cigarette companies name their flavored vapes after delicious treats, such as Apple Crumb and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, to make them more…

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