Electric Cars Are More Dangerous Than Traditional Vehicles

Electric Cars Are More Dangerous Than Traditional VehiclesElectric cars are meant to benefit drivers by saving money and energy. However, new studies show that electric vehicles are more dangerous than conventional cars. EVs have an increased weight, which causes more severe injuries to occupants in traditional vehicles. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists are also at risk of serious injury if they are involved in an accident with an EV. Researchers attribute the increase in risk to the overlapping effect, which is when electric cars accelerate faster even though they use the same force as conventional cars.

Electric cars are outfitted with a higher torque than other vehicles. When drivers transition from traditional to EVs, they may be unaware of this effect and do not change their driving habits. It is unclear if this is a defect or an intentional design element at the time. Still, it has been reported that you can feel these vehicles begin to accelerate and get jerky when drivers tap the power pedal. These maneuvers often result in the driver losing control. While they do not admit to this being a defect, it does fit the criteria. The additional weight of EVs contributes to the severity of these accidents.

Other downsides to EVs

Aside from the higher risk of accidents and injuries, EVs have many other downsides that the automotive industry is ignoring. There is an even greater push to move towards electricity without addressing their inherent risk. For example, the minerals in electric vehicles come from unsustainable mines. Some agencies also report the misuse of public spaces, and EVs contribute to an increase in the purchase of more conventional gas vehicles.

Additionally, the underside of an electric car does not have appropriate protection from crashes, leading to other concerns. Tests also show that it is difficult to extinguish Tesla EV battery fires, which can sometimes take days.

Imagine being in an accident where the battery of an electric vehicle catches fire, and emergency personnel respond and cannot put out the fire. Therefore, you cannot get the help you need and can suffer a burn or other severe injuries.

What injuries do EV accidents cause?

While traditional vehicles have some protection during a car accident, what is not taken into account is how these vehicles' weight and potential defects cause injury to pedestrians and others, not just vehicles. A person is no match for a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. Bigger cars are safer for occupants but deadly for others.

In recent years, cars are only getting heavier for the safety of their occupants, but there is no consideration for anyone else around. If the trend continues, vehicles will get heavier and heavier. Since electric cars are causing more accidents and injuries, you will suffer worse injuries than in an accident with a conventional car. Some injuries you can sustain in accidents with EVs are:

You need to speak with a Maryland electric vehicle accident lawyer to ensure you get the appropriate medical treatment for your injuries. You also need legal representation that secures you compensation for your injuries, property damage, and other losses.

Causes of Maryland car accidents

When a manufacturing defect causes you injury, you can file a car accident claim and a vehicle defect claim. Car accidents are prevalent in Maryland and, while there are many reasons they happen, adding an EV into the mix means there are other causes than before. While it is not stated in the studies, there seems to be a manufacturer's defect regarding the acceleration mechanisms these automakers use.

These two legal claims are slightly different but fall under the same personal injury umbrella. Aside from product defects, other causes of car accidents include:

Drivers must stay alert and ensure their vehicle is in working order. If there is a recall on the car, manufacturers are responsible for alerting dealerships and owners. While the driver is using an EV, they are in a heavier vehicle, which means you will suffer exponentially worse injuries if your car is older or has no safety features that can also worsen your injuries. While we welcome technological advances, manufacturers must ensure they make sense and not endanger others.

Are there any benefits to these vehicles?

According to the manufacturer and some insurers, moving to electricity does have some benefits. The switch to electricity means fewer gas emissions which helps save the environment. They are also more affordable, and you do not spend money at the gas station. As more EVs are going into production, charging stations will begin to appear across Maryland. Previously, Tesla owners had to install an at-home charging station, which could drive up the costs of owning an EV, but with charging stations being more accessible, this is less of a problem.

What can you do about electric car accidents?

Thus far, it doesn't seem like car manufacturers are doing much about the dangers of electric vehicles, but they are warning drivers to stay aware of the acceleration issue. Studies also find, shockingly, that drivers of heavier vehicles feel safer, but do not consider the safety of others on the road. Their only concern is themselves. You cannot do anything about electric cars on the road, but you can ensure you drive safely and react accordingly when in an accident.

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