What Makes a Good Medical Expert?

Medical Experts in Malpractice Claims

In a recent medical malpractice case, a plaintiff requested that the judge enforce an instruction called “res ipsa loquitur,” where jurors would automatically declare a physician negligent based on the mere presence of an injury. While there may be cases and scenarios where res ipsa loquitur – which translates to “the thing speaks for itself”…

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IUDs Causing Excruciating Pain in Patients

IUD Injury

Lately, there have been many medical malpractice cases where doctors have been accused of overestimating the pain tolerance of their patients. Sadly, a current issue with intrauterine devices (IUDs) is yet another example of healthcare providers who failed to take the concerns of their patients seriously. IUDs are small devices placed inside a woman’s uterus…

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Misdiagnosis of Gas Turns Out to Be Massive Tumor

Stomach Cancer Misdiagnosis

How would you feel if the negligent actions of your doctor were responsible for irreversible damage to your body? That was the predicament in which 33-year old fashion blogger Chante Burkett recently found herself. It started in December of 2020, when Burkett began to experience symptoms like severe pelvic pain, vomiting, and a semi-hard stomach.…

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Doctors Said Her Pain Was All in Her Head. They Missed Her Cancer.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis cases are some of the most tragic types of medical malpractice, as well as some of the most infuriating. Knowing that a serious or fatal condition may have been prevented if a medical professional had done their job properly is heartbreaking to come to terms with. Unfortunately, this happens to patients…

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Coronavirus Liability Shields Are a Mistake

Coronavirus liability shields

Medical errors take the lives of thousands of patients each year; even greater numbers of patients are injured. When hospitals are responsible for causing patient harm, they may attempt to cover it up to avoid being held liable for the harm they caused. Recently, legislators have been discussing liability shields for hospitals and medical personnel…

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Distracted Doctoring – a Disturbing Trend Threatening the Health of Patients

You’ve probably heard of distracted driving. However, the term “distracted doctoring” may be a brand new concept to you. Like any Professional, Employee or Worker, Doctors may become distracted by the mobile devices they carry. Smartphones can jeopardize the safety and health of their patients. Even though these devices provide much more efficient communication and…

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Failure to Properly Diagnose Sepsis Can Lead to Patient Death

Sepsis is a dangerous condition that requires urgent attention. Too often, the condition is not diagnosed and treated with urgency. Many medical malpractice lawsuits occur in the state of Maryland due to the inability to properly treat or manage a septic patient. Maryland hospitals receive year. Throughout the United States, about 250,000 deaths occur each…

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Electronic Health Records and the Dangerous Problem of “Alert Fatigue”

The vast majority of medical practices and hospitals have incorporated a system of electronic health records into their healthcare processes. These systems have become essential in our modern healthcare environment. However, there are potential problems within the system that can lead to medical malpractice. The problem of alert saturation Whenever new technology is implemented for…

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