Springbrook H.S. Football Players Burned Due To School Negligence

Springbrook High School Football Players Burned Due To School Negligence

Football players of Springbrook High School in Silver Spring, Maryland suffered first-and second-degree burns from a disinfectant used in the locker room. The chemical, called Virex II 256, is to be used on non-porous surfaces, and should not be brought into contact with the skin.

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Negligence leads to injured high school kids

Springbrook High School Chemical Burn InjuriesSpringbrook High’s football coaches believed a player had contracted a staph infection, and used the Virex II 256 disinfectant on the school’s equipment ­– including permeable safety equipment such as shoulder pads – and in the locker room in order to fight the spread. The players were then forced to practice for three hours, despite numerous complaints during practice about feeling a burning sensation. Several players were treated for their burns, and the school had to dispose of all of the equipment.

The coaching staff claims they told the players to bring their jerseys home for the weekend, but failed to inform the parents that the locker room was to be sanitized. Virex II 256 carries a warning label claiming that exposure to the corrosive chemical could lead to:

  • Permanent skin damage
  • Permanent blindness
  • Irritation to the nose, throat and respiratory tract
  • Burns to the mouth, throat and stomach
  • Exacerbation of conditions such as asthma or chronic bronchitis

School Principal, Samuel A. Rivera stated that cleaning football equipment with the disinfectant “was not appropriate”.  He issued an apology stating the actions of the school “were unacceptable.”

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