Zoom 360 Ultralight Strollers Have Been Recalled

Zoom 360 Stroller RecallWe all understand how fragile babies are. The tiniest physical injuries can cause severe harm to babies. What if, as a parent, you are at the mall with your baby and out of nowhere the front wheel on your stroller breaks off with your baby in the stroller?

That is the situation that countless parents who purchased the Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging stroller could find themselves in. The jogging stroller is one of the most recent baby stroller recalls in the last five years.

Joovy Holding Co., based in Dallas, Texas, recalled the Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging stroller last month due to defects with the front wheel. The stroller’s front wheel has been discovered to either fail or detach, increasing the likelihood of a serious fall or injury for baby, mother, or both.

The company received 25 incidents of restricted front wheel movement; of those incidents, there were 12 where the wheel fork wore through the housing and detached. The strollers being recalled are the Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging strollers with the SKU numbers 8061, 8067, and 8069.

What should consumers who have purchased the stroller do?

Parents are advised to immediately stop using the stroller. They should also contact the company for a free repair kit to replace the front wheel fork bearing. Parents can reach out to the company either through phone, email, or the company’s website to access the free repair kit. All information can be found on the company’s website.

Why are children’s recalls so dangerous?

When products have to be recalled in general, it is typically due to a safety defect. There has been a safety issue discovered in a product that can cause harm to a consumer’s safety. When there are recalls for children’s products, it can cause more harm to a group of people who are already defenseless.

The dangerous products can cause serious health risks for children who are exposed to the defective products. For example, there were fourteen pieces of furniture recalled last year that, if a child were to tip them over, the child could be trapped underneath.

What is the CPSC, and how does this organization assist with children’s recalls?

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is an independent agency that enforces the safety of consumer products and protects the general public from any unreasonable risks of injury and death from consumer products. The agency has a particular interest in making sure that all children’s products are safe and do not pose a health risk to children.

All types of children’s products, from cribs and strollers to toys and highchairs, can be recalled at any moment. In fact, children’s products are recalled at a rate of twice a week, making it necessary to check the list often to see whether a product has recently been recalled.

How does the CPSC learn of hazards in children’s products?

The CPSC becomes aware of hazardous children’s products in various ways. Sometimes the manufacturing company takes the initiative to internally test the product to find the defect in the product. Other times, the CPSC unfortunately learns of hazardous children’s products after a child has been injured or killed. The agency is limited in its power to influence manufacturing companies to issue recalls.

At best, the agency can request that a manufacturing company issue a voluntary recall. Because of this limited authority, many hazardous children’s products remain in use, even after the product has been discovered to injure children.

What actions do manufacturing companies take to alert the general public of recalls?

Unfortunately, manufacturing companies barely do any work to advertise children’s recalls to the general public. It is very rare for manufacturing companies to pay for advertisements regarding children’s recalls, regardless of whether the product has caused serious injury or death for children or not. At best, manufacturing companies will release a press release statement, which is very easy for many consumers to overlook.

As a matter of fact, manufacturers only recover about 10 to 30 percent of the units of a baby product that has been recalled. This means that there are still millions of defective children’s products that are still in use, putting many children’s safety at risk and increasing the likelihood of serious accidents happening.

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