Maryland Auto Accidents

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When you have been injured in an automobile accident, it is often difficult to protect your legal rights. You may be worried about your injuries, your vehicle, your automobile insurance policy, whether the person who hit you has insurance, and perhaps even how the police will handle the matter.

Even a simple automobile accident can be complicated.  The experienced Maryland personal injury law firm of Plaxen & Adler, P.A. will ensure that your rights are protected by identifying the responsible parties, investigating theories of liability, and helping you to navigate the complexities of insurance coverage.  Our experience with personal injury claims makes us uniquely qualified to handle the issues that arise in Maryland auto accidents, as well as accidents involving motorcycles and commercial vehicles.  Here are some of the advantages to working with us:

Personal Injury Protection:  Most people have personal injury protection (PIP) included in their automobile insurance policies.  This is coverage that will pay up to a certain sum of money, usually $2,500, for medical expenses and lost wages.  If you have PIP coverage on your vehicle, you can use it with no risk of your insurance premiums going up.  If you do not have PIP coverage, we will look for other ways to get it.  Our firm processes your PIP paperwork at no charge to you. Read more >>

Property Damage: Our firm will help you to deal with the damage to your vehicle.  If your car requires repairs, we can help to get your repairs paid for.  If your car is severely damaged and totaled, we can advise you about the value of your vehicle, and can negotiate that value with the insurance company. Read more >>

Defendant’s Insurance: We will track down the person who hit you, and immediately contact their insurance company.  Oftentimes, we can solve your property damage and rental car problems very quickly.  We will deal with the insurance company so that they do not bother you, and we will keep them updated about the progress of your case as necessary.

Your Insurance: To the extent that the defendant is uninsured, or does not have enough insurance to pay for your injuries, we will work with your insurance company to secure benefits for you under your uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits.  If the defendant’s insurance company does not accept liability early on, we can process your rental car and property damage issues with your insurance company directly until the case is resolved by a lawsuit or later settlement.

Your Injuries: If you are hurt in a collision, it is very important for you to get medical care and to get better.  We will work with your medical providers, including hospitals, emergency departments, your primary care physician, orthopedist and physical therapist or chiropractor to understand your medical treatment, pay them through PIP, and if necessary to bring them to trial to testify in your case.

If you have been injured in an automobile collision, call the Maryland auto accident attorneys of Plaxen & Adler at 443-472-4864 or contact us online.